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Other Armenian buildings in Turkey

Today there are only a couple of dozen Armenian churches still functioning in Turkey. In the decade before the 1915 genocide, the Armenian Patriarchate in Constantinople produced an official list of all the functioning Armenian churches within the Turkish Empire. They counted 210 monasteries, 700 monastic churches, and 1639 parish churches. This list did not include Armenian churches outside the Patriarchate's jurisdiction - such as those belonging to Armenian Protestants or those in the Kars region which was then part of the Russian empire. It also did not included the many hundreds of abandoned medieval churches and monasteries in eastern Turkey.

This section of the website highlights the remains of some of the Armenian churches and monasteries in Turkey (many of which have been abandoned since 1915), together with a selection of other Armenian-related monuments. Click onto the map's red symbols or follow the links below.

Buildings featured in this section include: