A selection
of derelict
or partially
buildings in

A house on Bahçebasi sok.
in Nazimbey district. It was lived in until the year 2000. In 2001 its interior was looted.

A photograph from 2002, showing the house partially demolished. The remaining photographs were taken in the year 2001.

The side facade. This building was freestanding rather than constructed against neighbouring buildings.

Its elevated and recessed entrance is a particularly grand example of a form that is normal for Kayseri houses. Note the grilled observation windows on each side of
the doorway.

The house
has an interior courtyard that was originally covered by a glass and iron lantern dome. The stone
floor has
been looted.

A double staircase
allows access
to a flat roof.
There is no upper floor. However, based on the grandure of the staircase, one may have been planned.

An extensive basement runs underneath the entire area of the house.

Fragments of original painted decoration survive.

Stone looted from this house, found
in a scrap merchant's yard in another part of Kayseri.

A house on Bukuk Çeşme sok. in Nazimbey district.

Still inhabited, it is one of the few completely intact old houses to survive in Kayseri. All its neighbouring buildings
have been demolished.

An open-air sofa on the upper floor overlooks
the street.

The entrance. The aperture at the top right is a spyhole to observe who is at the door.

The internal courtyard.
The metal bracket on the wall on the right is a pully for
a wellshaft.

There is an inscription
in Armenian above the
arch over the entrance. It is
dated 1903. The staircase leads to the upper floor.
The doorway half way up is the entrance
to a toilet.

A room on the upper floor, facing the street.

Ground floor room, facing the street.
Note the
"upper light" above the window.