Looking north along Ataturk caddisi, towards Kars castle. These buildings are all shops.

A building in Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Paşa (sometimes abreviated to G.A.M.P.) caddisi.

A very palatial looking building in Ordu caddisi that it is now used by the Turkish army.

A detail of
the previous building.

Another building in Ordu caddisi

Yet another building in Ordu caddisi, this one is
now used as
a hospital.

A house in Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Paşa caddisi. It
was renovated
in the early 1990s.

A detail of the previous building, the date reads 1880.

Part of a building on Halit Paşa caddisi.

Part of a bulding at
the corner
of Karadag
caddisi and Ordu caddisi.

Detail of a building now used as a school, in G.A.M.P caddisi.

Part of a commercial building in Ataturk caddisi.

A close-up of one of the capitals on
the previous building.

The ornate roof cornice of a house in
Ordu caddisi.

Upper part of a wooden balcony on a building
in Halit Paşa caddisi.

Wooden details on the enclosed veranda of a house in G.A.M.P. caddisi.

Original iron shop-front shutters on a derelict building backing onto Ataturk Caddisi.

A building inscription in Armenian, dated 1895. Exact location in Kars not known (i.e. the building is probably demolished).

A keystone with the date 1915 on a building in Zubeyde Hanim caddisi.

The "Art Nouveau House"

This is a large house on Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Pasa caddisi.
In the 1930s
it housed
the Soviet Consulate
in Kars.

The "Opera House"

After lying derelict for many years, this large
building is
now used as
a hospital.
Nothing of
the original

"House with
the Fishes"

A derelict house at the corner
of Cumhuriyet Caddisi and Digor Sokak. The biggest room had a plasterwork ceiling with
mirrors and
painted fishes, now destroyed.

The Future?

Each year more and more of the architectural heritage of Kars is lost through demolition.
A "Migros" supermarket now stands on this spot