East Facade
Zone A - Figure 7

A full-length depiction of a male figure. He is located to the right of the apse window.

Physical characteristics
He is haloed. He has short, carefully styled hair, with curls, and a full beard. With his left arm he holds a book (or an icon) that is decorated with an equal armed cross. His left hand touches the side of the book.

He is wearing robes and a cloak. He has what appears to be a Bishop's stole around his shoulders - it is decorated with crosses.

Probably Saint James of Nisibis (DAA). A bishop, probably St. James of Nisibis (Davis). A bishop (Nersessian). A high ranking ancestor of the Artzruni dynasty who would have helped propagate Christianity in Armenia (Mnatsakanian).

Saint James, the Bishop of Nisibis, was, according to Armenian tradition, a cousin of Saint Gregory the Illuminator. James is said to have travelled through the province of Vaspurakan on his way to Nisibis and, at a location on the southern shores of Lake Van, he miraculously caused a spring to burst forth. A monastery (called Entzak'iar), which was dedicated to him and containing his relics, was later erected on the site of this miracle.

This figure was traditionally said to be that of the apostle Saint Bartholomew (matching the apostle Saint Thaddeus on the opposite side of the window). However, the Bishop's robes that he is wearing made that identification questionable.