East Facade
Zone A - Figure 3

A full-length depiction of a male figure. An inscription, located to the right of his head, reads "Saint Gregory, illuminator of the Armenians". This inscription may be a later addition.

Physical characteristics
He is haloed. He has a full beard, and has his hair cut short in the late Roman style. His expression is stern. He holds a holy book (or an icon with a cross) with his left hand. His right hand gestures towards it (and the arrangement of his fingers may indicate that he is giving a blessing).

He wears a cloak, or a robe, on top of at least two other layers of garments. He has what appears to be a bishop's stole around his shoulders - it is decorated with a series of crosses. He is wearing shoes.

Saint Gregory the Illuminator (DAA, Davis, and Nersessian). A high ranking ancestor of the Artzruni dynasty who would have helped propagate Christianity in Armenia (Mnatsakanian).