East Facade
Zone A - Figure 13

A full-length depiction of a male figure. On a raised block to right of his head there is an Armenian inscription of three lines. This identifies the figure as the prophet Elijah.

Physical characteristics
He is haloed. He has a full beard, and long hair that extends over his shoulders (like figure A1). He holds a thin rectangular object (probably a scroll) in his left hand. His right arm is extended out, in the direction of figure A11. He stands in an attitude mirroring that of figure A1 at the opposite end of the East facade.

He is wearing a long cloak and sandals.

The prophet Elijah (DAA, Davis, Nersessian). The apostle Saint Thaddeus (Mnatsakanian).

Mnatsakanian holds that the inscription identifying this figure as "Elijah" is not original, and that the person kneeling is most likely to be Kuhran, the chief of the Artzruni clan who was baptised by Thaddeus.