East Facade
Zone A - Figure 10

A full-length depiction of a male figure. Note the recent damage cause to his left eye by a bullet.

Physical characteristics
He is haloed; the halo is decorated with a rim of circles. He has a very youthful appearance, is beardless, and has short carefully styled hair. He is holding an object in his left hand. This object appears to be hidden, wrapped within a carefully folded fabric with an ornate border. It is not a small open scroll as stated by Nersessian. He is smaller than the other full-length figures, and his large head appears out of proportion to the rest of his body.

He is wearing a cloak. He is bare-footed.

Probably Saint Thomas (DAA, Nersessian). A youthful saint - probably Saint Thaddeus, perhaps Saint Bartholomew (Davis). A high ranking ancestor of the Artzruni dynasty who would have helped propagate Christianity in Armenia (Mnatsakanian).

According to the apocryphal Acts of Thomas the remains of Saint Thomas were brought to Armenia, and the Artzruni princes later built a church to house his relics.